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Fall 1979 the Crockett’s first stepped foot on the 130 acres of property located on Mason Road between Rt 4 and Patten Tract Road, in 1980 Bob and Tom Crockett purchased the property with visions of an 18 hole golf course. Soon after the auto industry went flat and with a time of uncertainty the brothers opted to hold the property and continue to walk, design and dream up the course layout.


In a time before Google search and the internet the wives [Beverly and Joanne] worked in the library searching for a name to call this pending business venture. A unique, historical piece of land that has pipe creek running throughout the property and knowing the Native Americans had spent time using the clay to make pipes – the women were determined to search out something other than your “typical” golf course name! WALA!! Woussickett was founded!!! WOUSSICKETT comes from a Native American name meaning running stream and with double “T’ at the end to give tribute to the Native American heritage along with complimenting the double “T” in the name Crockett. So the name is created and in 1982 the golf course construction begins…

Then years fast forward and in August of 1984 the Front 9 OPENS and Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baptista were welcomed as the first managers to help oversee the day to day operations while Woussickett was in its infant stages. Bob and Tom both realized with WOUSSICKETT being their 2nd family operated golf course a couple familiar faces would be helpful. Green fees were slated to be between $3-$4 The Original golf-dinner special package included 2 – 9 hole rounds of golf, riding cart, and steak dinner $27



​There were 8 traps on the first 6 holes and a DOUBLE GREEN for holes 2 & 9. The idea of a double green originated from the ones seen on national television at St Andrews for the British Open tourney then the brothers had seen a few courses in Florida and liked the idea and wanted to bring it to their new design.

1985 The Back 9 opens and in 1986 the Clubhouse and tavern are built. The original trailer which was first used as makeshift Proshop and starter station is now gone. With a full 18 holes being open the double green is now the landing zone for number 12 and 18. 1987 The back 9 layout got changed and through 1999 a few greens were moved and improved upon and a couple tee boxes were expanded.

Vowing to keep on a timeline of improvements and growth through 2006 cart paths were extended tee boxes made larger and an entire new pump station was built to improve upon the output for irrigation and offer the best possible course conditions for this shale foundation. Seeing a need for more space and to better accommodate the growing golf outing business the construction of a 4000 square foot party pavilion was built in 2006. Then 2009 and 2010 were focused on improving and expanding the practice facility improving both the driving range and practice green.


Not good for many campers, parks, naturalists and golf courses — YIKES! The removal of Ash Trees began in 2008. To date over 350 Ash Trees have been removed from Woussickett. This was a difficult experience to witness for back in 1983 the brothers intended for this land to be kept as natural as possible with the hundreds of established trees and winding creek with soft valleys and hills. “A thinking man’s course, where you have to think on every shot you take and every club you use” was Tom Crockett’s way of describing this original layout. So, to be witness to hundreds of trees NEEDING to be removed was a disappointment. On the “flip side” with 25 years golf course experience as the family foundation they understood the importance of having a nursery to draw from and immediately began planting with the anticipation that over time every Ash tree would be gone. In 2012 the tavern and pro shop got remodeled with new paint, lighting, counter tops and table tops this much needed improvement was a welcome sight to the interior.


In May of 2013 Bob Crockett “Boss” passes at his home surrounded by family. He is survived by his wife, Bev, 6 children, 23 Grandchildren, 22 Great Grandchildren, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters. For many it’s hard to understand how a business is “woven in you”, Bob as a mid-twenty-year-old on the family tractor working the farmland in Clyde, fairways which would open in 1958. As Green Hills became established, and his son Robert S. became superintendent Bob began to oversee the entire outside operations of Woussickett and as Woussickett Celebrates 30 years in business we proudly honor Bob and his endless hours of work and creative ability to fix anything!

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